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Frequently asked questions

How to get TLC Plates?

Due to the current FHV licensing regulations in NYC, the TLC is currently only issuing new for-hire vehicle licenses to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV). If you would like to plate a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: Step 1 - Buy or lease a vehicle – it must be all-electric or wheelchair accessible. Step 2 - Select a TLC base to affiliate with. Step 3 - Purchase the minimum required TLC insurance. Step 4 - Assemble all your documents for submitting to the TLC. Step 5 - Submit to TLC online. Step 6 - Receive a ‘Plate Letter’ from the TLC. Step 7 - Take your Plate Letter and your other documents to the DMV to register your car and get your plates. Step 8 - Schedule a mechanical inspection if your vehicle has travelled more than 500 miles. Step 9 - Pass the inspection. Step 10 - Start Driving!

Can someone who does not have a TLC Driver License operate a TLC-licensed vehicle for personal use?

Yes, a TLC licensed vehicle can be operated by anyone with a valid and current State issued Drivers license for personal use and reasons. Be aware that the vehicle can be pulled over and summonsed by a TLC Inspector or Police Officer if they have reason to believe the vehicle is being operated for-hire or they witness a violation of local laws.